Radiation Safety

The Radiation Safety Exam is $60 and includes access to the video online. You can order the CD-ROM for an additional $20 (for a total of $80).

Radiation Safety Certification is required for anyone taking x-rays in a dental office. DHEC recognizes certificates from several souces:

  • accredited SC tech schools
  • DANB
  • and the SCDA (exam for chairside-trained assistants)

If your certification is from another state you will need to take the exam offered through the SCDA in order to become radiation safety certified in SC.

You will need a South Carolina licensed dentist to act as a reference and indicate that you are competent in use of the radiological equipment. Please provide the dentist's full name (first and last) on your registration.

Registration for the exam (including a study guide and online video) is $60. If you would like to purchase the CD-ROM of the video there is an additional $20 charge for a total of $80.

Below are the dates for exams given at MIDLANDS TECH AIRPORT CAMPUS in the Academic Center Auditorium will run from 9:30 am- 11:30 am

Test Given Registration Due
Friday 9/19/14 Friday 9/5/14

Below are the dates for exams given at FORTIS COLLEGE will run from 9:30 am- 11:30 am

Test Given Registration Due
Friday 11/21/14 Friday 11/7/14

All exam study materials will be emailed to registrants. If you request a CD-ROM of the Radiation Safey Video, that will be mailed, but the study guide will be sent as an attachment in your confirmation email.

If you are paying for your exam with a credit card, you will need to fill out the form online. We will continue to take checks and money orders if registering via mail, but for the safety and security of personal information of those paying by credit card, we ask that you pay online. The form is available at the link below.

Online Registration Form - if paying by credit card
Registration Form - if paying by check or money order
Radiation Safety Video
Directions to Midland Tech Airport Campus Exam
Certificate Re-issue Request- Please make sure you have taken the exam at the SCDA!

For more information about Radiation Safety, please call Sue Copeland at 800-327-2598 or email her at copelands@scda.org.